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In today’s digital world, podcasting is the new radio. But with podcasting, ANYONE can share their interests – and make a profit doing it!

To get started or increase your downloads, learn from the most successful podcaster EVER. When Adam Carolla’s career as a comedian hit a speed bump, he created his own digital media empire. Today, Adam Carolla is the Guinness Book of World Records Most Downloaded Podcaster in history!

Now it’s your turn! Sign up for his BrainFuel 6-hour online Podcasting Master Class, and you’ll discover Adam’s secrets for success online, learn from his mistakes, and get to pitch your podcast to Adam and PodcastOne, America’s #1 podcast network!

What Students Are Saying About Adam's Class

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Our BrainFuel Podcasting Master Class Gives You Everything You Need To Launch Or Grow A Successful Podcast

What are you passionate about?
Politics? Comedy? News?
Sex? Gossip? Sports?

Whatever it is, now you can podcast it – and turn your passion into a steady income stream.

Have an idea? Or podcasting already?

In Adam’s 6-hour online BrainFuel Podcasting Master Class, you’ll learn how to:

Turn your talent and interest into an online business.

Use social media to build a massive following.

Get advertising dollars to make your podcast more profitable.

Leverage your podcast into a book, radio show or movie. The possibilities are endless!

Launch or grow your podcast in less than 30 days.

Think about it… podcasting is growing fast.
If you don’t launch your idea, somebody else will
and THEY will reap the benefits.

So don’t wait – sign up for Adam’s Podcasting Master Class today!

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Here's Your Chance To Get On PodcastOne*

As a bonus for purchasing the Master Podcasting Class, you will have the opportunity to upload a 30-45 second podcast pitch. PodcastOne will select one pitch each month and work with that podcaster on development, marketing, distribution, etc.

PodcastOne will turn someone into a huge star – and that might be YOU!

Stone Cold Steve Austin from the WWE

The Dan Patrick Show

Shaquille O’Neal


Penn Jillette

Joy Mohr

Heather Dubrow from The Real Housewives of Orange County

*The PodcastOne platform gets more than 1.5 billion downloads annually, across 350 weekly episodes.

So don’t wait – sign up for Adam’s Podcasting Master Class today!

Sale Special: $299 $129

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A Comprehensive Resource Guide - where to go to find all the information and industry resources you need to be successful.

Exclusive Access to Our Private Facebook Group - gives you direct access to experts and other podcasters. Here you can get your questions answered, set realistic goals for your podcast, and join in valuable discussions about how to make your podcast more successful. You’ll join podcasters from around the world.

30 Day Quick Start Plan - to support you on your journey to launch or grow your own podcast. There are 30 activities (one a day for 30 days) designed by Adam to help you move closer to fulfilling your dream.

Bonus Video Footage of Adam Carolla - and experts from PodcastOne with details and insights you can’t find anywhere else.

Sale Special: $299 $129

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Let The Pros At PodcastOne Help You Make Your Podcast Profitable!

Learn from the Best Podcaster in the Business!

Comedian Adam Carolla had a hugely successful 15-year career in broadcast radio. But when the economy soured in 2009, he found himself looking for a new option. So he launched his first podcast, The Adam Carolla Show.

With over 50 million downloads in the first year, The Adam Carolla Show was named iTunes #1 podcast. Then Adam launched 10 more podcasts and started his top rated Carolla Digital Network, now PodcastOne.

Adam’s podcasts created 3 New York Times bestselling books, two Spike TV shows (To Catch a Contractor and Adam and Friends Build Stuff Live) and established Adam as a headliner comedian nationwide.

Now you can learn how Adam did it. if you're going to make your podcast a success, you must take this exclusive class!

Joining Adam Carolla for the BrainFuel Master Class Program are:


Founder, PodcastOne


President, PodcastOne


Dir. Marketing & Communications, PodcastOne


Executive VP, PodcastOne / CFO, Carolla Digital


Co-host, The Adam Carolla Show


Co-host, The Adam Carolla Show


Engineer & Co-producer, The Adam Carolla Show

Your podcast could have great content, but it takes business savvy to make your podcast a reliable source of income.

The PodcastOne Executive Team knows what it takes to create a profitable podcast. So the Master Class gives you access to their insider knowledge. They’ve produced 1000’s of podcasts. Yours could be next!

More From Our Podcasting Students:

"“I listen to a lot of podcasts. I like TED talks, and there’s something about Adam and all the people that he surrounds himself with. They are incredibly charismatic people, and it’s the kind of thing that you can just listen to easily. You know, he gives great advice, and he is incredibly funny.

- Jay E. -

“I thought it was a great session, learning about technical aspects I hadn’t considered, types of advertising that I hadn’t considered and how to grow the show that I hadn’t considered. I think you’re dealing with the most successful podcaster ever, and he’s also bringing in his team. I would say 10 out of 10, and I could have sat here for another three hours listening to more. Absolutely!

- Josh B. -

“Five out of five, but I’m a huge fan of the Ace Man, so of course I’m going to rate it a five out of five. If it weren’t hosted by him, just information alone would still be a five out of five

- Justin L. -

“This covers all the basics… from the technical aspect to content for the show, how the show should be structured, all of those beats are hit. Absolutely something I would recommend to anyone. Money well spent. It is a global look at how the industry works. It’s not just the nuts and bolts of the show itself, but it’s also about the business of podcasting.

- Rob D. -

“You learn about behind the scenes and all the technical and all the equipment you should use. You definitely learn a lot about podcasting in this class. I definitely recommend anyone just trying to get started and trying to figure out how to get started to attend this class.”

- Kalif S. -

So don’t wait – sign up for the Adam’s Podcasting Master Class today!

Sale Special: $299 $129

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